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THINK. What are these service and social badges doing to your website?

April 16 pgallagher 0 Comments

Think about this scenario,

Your  traditional advertising, referral, word of mount, and local organic placement is all bringing customers to your website. Sound feasible right. Now they see these badges. Some of these have recognition with different people but lets first talk about Home advisor and Angieslist. If some one know what these are they may ignore them or if they dont .. out of curiosity they click… You just gave them your visitor.. opps.. they no longer are only thinking about you.. they are now looking at your reviews and the reviews of your competitors .. those services are immediately trying to flip them to their customer so they can sell the lead to 3 of your competitors and YOU again!

Not only did the customer come to you because they saw you were doing business in the neighborhood and went to your website because of your truck signage that you paid 2k for but now 3 of your competitors are now working that customer and you just paid another 50 bucks for the customer because of that badge on your website.

Same thing with social media – same issues apply from above –  Social media is about selling advertising associates to topic and demographic and you just let the customer off your website to go to your social media page. Unless you are using social media as your lead generation source you should not let the customer off your website whenever possible.

Your website should be close to the end of the customer funnel. Your website should be where you capture the customer. You control the message you control the call to action. You ask for the sale and reap the reward.

The issue with social media and third party review websites is that you do not control the entire message.

This is why your website is so important.

Your In Control!

Hint: If you feel that the badge add credibility to your business remove the link from them. Link to them on a links page/awards page… etc.


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