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Web Services

Anything you need to be online we do it, can do it, will find some one to do it or you don’t need it =P

Website-Design-Granite-CountertopsWebsite Design

Design with state of the art design and development tools. Our focus is not on the cutting edge but on the cutting edge of what generates results. We are not about winning awards as much as we are about winning business. We provide you with a CMS WordPress back end to enable you to make changes to your website. When Applicable we incorporate tools for social sharing and social integration into your website. In most cases you want your visitor to stay on your website not leave to a social media website unless you close business their. Funny how many websites do this.


SEO-Search-engine-OptimizationLocal SEM & SEO Online Marketing

Our focus is on the local market. We do have national and global SEO chops our service is designed around our ability to impact your exposure locally. We have 1000’s of first page rankings for our clients and in many cases we have provided them with #1 placement for target keyword terms. We focus our efforts on 1. Google 2. Yahoo 3. Bing.


Spark-transLead Management

Our Spark Lead Management system tracks all your customers interaction with the website. You know in real-time which customers have come from your online marketing efforts and which do not. You can track the conversion rate of these customers over time by managing your pipeline. Spark will track all of your online and offline leads and comes with your website package.


Image Marketing

Part of creating a great website that is rich with relevant content (as the search engines see it) is having relevant images that are formatted properly for the greatest SEO impact. We help you rank your images too.

Video Marketing

We provide SEO video marketing services. WE know how to get your local video ranked and help with your SEO efforts. We have many videos that rank on the first page for local SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and rank in the top 10 for most markets. We can work with almost any youtube video or create one from the great photos and content you will supply us.


SouthcarolinaStonev2Brand Development

We provide brand development services. From helping you to come up with a name, designing the logo, tagline to providing color guidelines and style guides. we will provide you with everything you need. We can help you update an existing logo or help merge company branding ideas.


Market Analysis

We know how to evaluate a market and the demand from your local market for your products and services. We know how to gather the stats to define trends and help you to schedule your media spend. Very powerful information at our finger tips and we can tell you before we even start what we should expect from your local market.


Competitive analysis

The market analysis and the competitive analysis are two of the three pieces of information that we need to predict your sales. By understanding what your competition is doing, who’s ranking for target terms you will see where you stack up. You can evaluate them and see what they are saying and what they are doing. this is important for a couple reasons. You want to know what your competition is doing as you customers will be calling you having looked at your competition.


Campaign Development

We will help you define the campaign, the components of the campaign and when these aspects are launched. We define sales goals and build programs to reach these benchmarks.


fireups-LogoLead Generation

At the core of what we do. build your sales funnel, we work with you to define your audience and help you accent your core values, we develop the website that captivates your audience and moves them through the buying process. We capture all of the actions and provide you with real-time reporting, CRM, sales pipeline and workflow management and enable your to track all your leads through funding. phew.. Need your car washed? JK


Review Management

We have a review management platform that enables you to solicit reviews from your website and badge your company as a local professional. With a couple clicks a client can add a review to your website. These reviews fire an email off to you letting you know that you have a new review. If that review is not positive you have the option to make the review private and we suggest that you follow up with the customer immediately. these reviews are validated via email or they do not activate in the system.


Granite-Website-Design1Mobile Website Development

In some cases a responsive website is not the best option. Whatever the reason we can help you by providing a mobile website solution that will squash the Google monsters thirst for responsive websites.


Application DevelopmentGranite-Website-Design-Lead-management

We build applications for many purposes. We build applications for data collection and reporting internally and externally. Let us know what you need and we will quote you.