What’s Next for Small Business in 2020

While covid-19 takes a wrecking ball to our economy and our way of life many of us are already planning our next moves. 

step#1 Stop the bleeding…

Go see if you can get a loan from the government for you current business. Pump as much life into it as you can
https://www.sba.gov/page/coronavirus-covid-19-small-business-guidance-loan-resources Look at ways to continue to operate in some copacity or how you will operate when they say its time to go back to work.

I am not an attorney by any means … Be aware that you will see language from the federal and state government already changing to “business closed voluntarily”… without a directive from authorities to close for your specific business, you may not have any grounds when the dust settles. That the mandates from the government to close gatherings over a certain size was a suggestion and not a change in regulations.

For the past 12 years i have been growing a small business focused on direct response marketing. I use simple supply and demand and perceived value strategies to capitalize on markets. These rules apply to all business segments. With my ability to define market demand and track response in real-time we are able to track and react to the market and grow your business.

Supply and demand will define us over the coming weeks, months and years.

Adjusting your business strategy to market demand gives you power over the competition. Without access to real time data you are like a boxer with a blindfold on. 

Many businesses will not reopen.

If these businesses are in your supply chain this could inhibit your ability to provide your services. You will need to engineer creative solutions and adjust to supply chain constraints while maintaining a high level of managing customer expectations. 

Many businesses will reopen as a new business.

The way businesses operate may have to change to limit close proximity of employees as well as processing may change. All these variables can impact supply chain. Cost of specific products may change based on availability. Businesses may change direction of products and services offered due to supply and demand so certain vendors may no longer be available to you. 

Many New Business will be created

Based on the above scenarios new businesses will be created by these new supply chain disruptions and new companies attempting to fill these voids. 

We are positioned to help you build your way out of these changes. To build your business and capitalize on the opportunities before us.

We provide:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Market /demand Analysis
  • Lead Tracking and ROI analysis
  • Local/National Online Advertising
  • Message Development and Competitive advantage marketing