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ACTION Calculators

When a customer is considering a purchase they typically will perform some kind of price comparison research. For most product purchases this is done quickly with a search for the product , the shopping results and amazon price points will give the customer a general idea in a few seconds.

If this product requires customization and installation services this become more complicated. Understanding that the customer maybe unfamiliar with the specific products or services that they are looking for , we ask specific questions around the project to “Ballpark” the customers estimate in exchange for contact information.

One example of this is our

Instant Countertop Estimator

This estimator is designed for the purpose of collecting contact information of in-market consumers. In exchange for this information we ask the customer to answer a series of questions. These questions help define some of the project parameters and engage the customer in the process.

Once the contact details are collected we human validate the customer with a simple math question to stop the bots and the form spammers. We then send the estimate details to the customers and to the local representative for review. The estimate is a range that is developed by adding intel to the questions that are asked.

As an example if the customer is looking for the “cheapest price” then we use the starting at price for the estimator. If they are looking for more options we start to scale the price up to accommodate the more options. If they are looking for something more exotic or looking for a rush then we scale the price accordingly. This way we are able to capture the customers purchase motivation and how the local representative is going to handle the customer.

Product options : For custom countertops products fit into some general categories.

$ Granite
$$ Quartz
$$$ Marble
$$$$ Quartzite

This is a general grouping and some material are outliers but with the previous purchase motivation question we are able to adjust the estimate to accommodate the material selection.

Sizing the job: in many cases the customers will already have an idea of the square footage. In the case that they don’t we calculate the square footage for them.