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Full service Local Online Marketing and Local Website Design services company. We specialize in generating results. Measurable increases in business due to tracking performance online to generate more business.

PRG specializes in helping small to medium sized product and service based businesses increase direct sales to the local consumer. We currently manage over $400,000 in advertising dollars generating over $7,000,000 In local sales annually and Growing every day. Our ability to generate results, track sales  and provide clear direction for marketing your small business online in the local economy is unmatched.

…STEP #1…



Why is your customer online looking for your service?

Your answer to this will help you define what your website needs to Say, Do, Present, Solve and/or Answer.
Does your current website do this on the first page… in the first couple words you read? Most often not.


What is your competition doing?

We review your market, gather search stats and define the opportunity and the online demand for your products and services in your target region. You could be “barking up the wrong tree” and may not even know it.


What can you do better in the eyes of the consumer?

Ah Yes, Your Competitive Advantages –
This is Your Magnet, Your bait, Your filter to drive the right customers to you. Your positioning message is the single most important factor in the amount of business opportunities you will see from your website.

…STEP #2…

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Let Us help you tap into the power of local online marketing!

IMPORTANT! Google’s At It Again … Now is a great time to revamp your website – Google is now transitioning to mobile device compatible websites. What does that mean? Basically if your website does not meet with Google’s specifications for being mobile compatible you will lose what rankings that you may have. This does not mean that you are removed but priority will be given to websites that meet this specification.

April 27

Creating a New WordPress site for Alabama

This website with new branding will be going live soon. WordPress Website – Custom Template – Graphics – Content Development – Granite countertops Marketing System – Application Integration

April 18

Affordable Granite is getting a new Look & more Functionality!

  Consolidated, faster and more efficient design. Even though the current website is compliant with Google latest update we felt its time to take the 6 year old website that...

April 16

THINK. What are these service and social badges doing to your website?

Think about this scenario, Your  traditional advertising, referral, word of mount, and local organic placement is all bringing customers to your website. Sound feasible right. Now they see these badges....

April 1

GLF Enterprises

GLF Enterprises #1 Ranking on Yahoo in 2 weeks. First Sale week #3. Standard Template Visit

April 1

Consignment Shops NH

Consignment Shops NH Directory website with interactive content first page rankings for target keywords.

April 1

Countertop Marketing

Countertop Marketing Marketing website designed to illustrate services and values to target audience.

April 1

Affordable Granite & Marble

Affordable Granite & Marble Provided full service Branding, Marketing, Design, Development, SEO, SEM and ROI tracking since 2009.