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We are a full service agency with the small business in mind. We help you lower the development costs to get your business online and expedite your position in the market to grow your business. With over 25 years of direct to consumer online marketing experience. Let’s get to work for you.

….cash flow positive in less than 30 days …

Every partner is at a different stage in the development of the business. We first evaluate where you are what you need and devise a program to fit your specific needs.

Our success comes from our ability to look at the business side first and project revenue from any investment made in developing a small business to function from the internet.

We Grow Your Small Business or Startup with these basic steps:

1.Branding (Logo Development)

Developing a brand is not easy. We help you get started and develop your brand to get your business into market. Maybe you already have a logo.. That is great. We will help you develop it. Brand management through all media. A good mark clearly states what you do, how and where you do it.

What: Granite and Marble Countertops
How: Affordable
Where: franchise
Mixture of imagery and text to create the mark.

2.Target Audience

Who you want to sell too. Define this need and think about how your products and services fit your customers. What makes you the best source for your customers.

“By developing a profile of the customer and look at various situation details this can help with message development and positioning for your company to attract the right customers. “

Paul Gallagher

3.Competitive analysis

Who are your competitors? Who looks to be successful. What are they doing and how does that line up with your offering? You can learn alot by looking at your competition that is successful.

“establish who your competitor is and what they do, what the message is, what values they present. By reverse engineering your competition you can then define values that the consumer then may be attracted to you for your services.”

Paul Gallagher

4. Content Development

Your website needs content related to the products and services that you are selling. We will help you collect and design the content around your target audience.

“Once you know what you want to say (what you need to say) to the customer you want to attract you can then start to develop content that will engage the customer. You message will be clear, your customer will feel that you know what they want and they will be more likely to engage with you.”

Paul Gallagher

5. Website Design & Development (ON PAGE SEO)

Your website needs to be fast efficient and delivery your message to your target audience “FAST” and look good on all online devices. This can seem to be a tall order for most businesses and the knowledge and skills required to recognize issues before they become issues is the difference between a sale and no sale.

6. Social Media, Review Marketing, Off Page SEO

Having a presence on the major social media and blog websites help with reviews and creating links back to relevant content on your website. This is part of creating your online sales funnel. By driving the consumer to your website from these online website and citation websites your increase the relevance of your website and begin the process of creating the sales funnel.

Once you make this step there’s no turning back. You must begin to engage customers, ask for reviews and manage your online presence effectively. Create a customer service system to collect feedback and manage your interaction with customers online.

Paul Gallagher

7. Website Traffic & conversion tracking

in-order for your website to work we need to get people using it. We can help target traffic and drive your target customer to the website. Educate them on your products and services and track conversion rates of the website to generate actionable leads for your business.

With the right planning and strategy we can be cash flow positive on your marketing and advertising program in less than 30 days!

Paul Gallagher

8. Grow

Once we have defined the audience and message we can grow your business develop your overall marketing strategy based on real customer acquisition data. The message can then be applied to your overall marketing strategy and drive revenue.

It’s all about targeting and tracking your investment

Paul Gallagher

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  • Currently managing a million dollars in online marketing generating over $20,000,000 in retail sales for my partners.

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