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Local Small Business Branding

Building your brand starts day #1.

You are making many decisions that will impact the future of your business. Working with us will help you avoid some major miss steps and ensure that you are going to make the biggest impact in the target market.

Picking a business Name

Your local small business should have a name that is not trademarked by another business and you want to register that business with the state that you reside. You also want to look at federal trademarks because not only can this cause branding issues but can also prevent you from future market confusion and lawsuits.

Designing a logo

A logo is a mark or a graphic that represents your business. the goa of this mark is to answer as many of these questions as possible at first glance.


The more you answer in the logo brand the more effective the brand becomes. This is important as you wil be investing in wraps, shirts, hats, print materials, business cards and the more informative the mark is the more effective it will be to attract customers.

Countertop Branding and Logo Design

Who = Affordable Granite & Marble

What = Granite & Marble Countertops

Where = This is not defined by the image but is in the domain.

When = not relevant as speed is not a brand priority

How = Affordable // Price is a factor in the marketing strategy as

Purchasing a domain

here we go again…


Now we answer another one of the critical questions of where we do business as well as help the search engines regionalize our content and rankings. Domain is one of the most influential signals to the search engine concerning the rank of your business is the search results.

These decisions have huge implications on a local business and how to position your business on the internet. We are here to help guide you through this process.

Also note that you dont have to or want to answer all the questions in your brand or url. You just want to answer the important ones.