PPV/PPC Management

What better way to prove that the website that we have optimized for your business and the message we have crafted can actually drive your audience to your desired action.

That the Point Right!

We have tools at our disposal to evaluate the potential of the market to drive revenue for your business.

We can model the first by predicting the below and then measuring this is real time:

  1. Cost Per View/Impression on ad
  2. Cost per click to the website
  3. Cost Per action on the website (Phone call or web form fillout)
  4. Cost Per closed sale
  5. Average sale value
  6. Ad Cost to Gross Sales

We have insight into which methods have the most promise to reach ROI goals

Advertising your business on Google vs Facebook depends on a couple factors and where your product or service is in its development. The good news is we have the answer.