Spark Lead Management

Spark Lead management provides the data you need as a small organization to track your customers record your interaction and reach your sales goals. 

Its very easy to use and captures all your customers initial details on registration or dial in and provides and interface for your team to track and report on interaction across all leads. 

Contact us for a demo 877 877 1916 

FireUps – Countertops Marketing Specialist

Since 2009 I dedicated my efforts on developing a service to help the local fabricator compete in the online space. I was able to develop a network of fabricators that dominated local markets and were able to grow based on my ability to analysis the local market. Position the products and services and deliver customers to local service providers. 

Now responsible for approximately 20 million a year in countertops sales. We are still growing this network and have yet to reach 25% market penetration. 

The Custom Countertop marketing is to reach 14 Billion per year come 2024.