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Developed this Instant Countertop Estimator application to capture customers looking to purchase countertops and doing research on the internet. 95% of buyers that use google for purchasing decision research. By providing customizable pricing for products and services you can engage more of your audience in the process. in exchange for this ballpark estimate the consumer provides contact information. This contact information and project parameters gives our partners very warm lead details of the project and multiple channels of communication with the prospective customer. The customer is provided terms of the estimate which states that they are generating and estimate based on data they are entering and this data may be incorrect. During the process and onsite measure will firm up the requirements to finalize a quote for service. They agree to this by providing contact information. This is a highly effective way to capture customers in market and closer to…

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New Feature to encourage sales persons to follow up with aging contacts through the lead management application Spark. 

Spark Lead management provides the data you need as a small organization to track your customers record your interaction and reach your sales goals.  Its very easy to use and captures all your customers initial details on registration or dial in and provides and interface for your team to track and report on interaction across all leads.  Contact us for a demo 877 877 1916 

Application Designed to entice online customers to interact with website and capture valuable details to then transmit in real time to customers and local service provider in real time.