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Website Evaluation

Part of the website evaluation is to evaluate issues with content and setup factors.

We look at areas where we can increase the performance of the website from both speed and readability.

Why Speed Matters.

Your website must load fast. Over 65% of Internet traffic is on a mobile device.

If the website takes too long to load people wont wait for it. 5 seconds is about as long as it can take for people to move on and they must be able to move through the website in 10 seconds. These are the most basic parameters.

Time to interact.

This is how long after the page loads to the time the page will scroll to more content. If this timeframe is too long consumers will move on.

Image optimization

Most People over look this. If your page loads up very large original sourced images you page has to load those images before they are able to interact with the page. Compressing these images to load fast is extremely important to enhancing your pages ability to load quickly.