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Part of the website evaluation is to evaluate issues with content and setup factors. We look at areas where we can increase the performance of the website from both speed and readability. Why Speed Matters. Your website must load fast. Over 65% of Internet traffic is on a mobile device. If the website takes too long to load people wont wait for it. 5 seconds is about as long as it can take for people to move on and they must be able to move through the website in 10 seconds. These are the most basic parameters. Time to interact. This is how long after the page loads to the time the page will scroll to more content. If this timeframe is too long consumers will move on. Image optimization Most People over look this. If your page loads up very large original sourced images you page has to load…

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We are creating a website to be a searchable portfolio of our work and accomplishments. We provide details of the services that we provide and for each customer the solution is specifically designed to meet your companies needs. WordPress is a very powerful platform for me as a designer to put the power of the content management system in the hands of you and your team. With my direction and administration of the website your website can grow and be part of your business not something that get revamped every 3-4 years. You just can’t do that anymore. This will lower website maintenance costs and increase the relevancy of the website and content.. there is that word again.. Relevance… Call today for a Free Consultation of your local Website Needs 877 877 1916

Working with the Avigna Group we have built a substantial presence online and helped them develop multiple business channels. WE continue to dominate the local market and have established the custom COuntertop Shop as a leader in the local market. Since 2016 We have grown this business and continue to provide local online marketing services and support. Services: Website Design WordPress website CMS Consulting Brand Management Creative Direction Local Marketing Local SEO Review Management PPC management

We have been working with the granite shop since 2014. The owner came to me after transitioning from a cabinet shop to a countertop shop and was on the brink of calling it quits. We established a program based on my prior success in other markets and we continue to grow the business. Now dominating and driving the local customer in the greater buffalo market We continue to build on the business and look at ways to optimize and automate custom countertops with the granite shop. Services: Website Design WordPress website CMS Consulting Brand Management Creative Direction Local Marketing Local SEO Lead Management Conversion tracking Review Management PPC management

Many Countertop Partners that provide traditional custom Countertop Services are added to this website in the local market. Local SEO PPC Management Geolocation Services Spark Lead Management System ROI Tracking Mobile Website Development Localised content

Developed Local Direct to consumer marketing program and wordpress website. WordPress website design and setup Local Marketing Lead Management Lead Tracking Call tracking PPC management Consulting

Wordpress Website targeting the Kingston Ontario area for roofing and other exterior home services.

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Develop Website and local Marketing strategy to increase exposure to the local Market. 

Responsive website for Customer Super White Countertops – Brand Positioning and Local marketing for Niche product in local Market.  Home

We develop brand that are used all over the US and canada.